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Our mission extends beyond color on walls, it’s about crafting spaces that evoke joy and satisfaction. 

Regal Select Interior Paint- Matte

An exceptional paint that is made entirely of acrylic and has a washable and long-lasting finish.

 It features a special stain release technology that makes ordinary household stains readily cleaned with soap and water, making it ideal for surfaces exposed to abuse and soil. It provides excellent leveling and flow for a seamless application.

Do you even need to remove it?

Did you realize that with today’s design trends, wallpaper is actually having a slight resurgence? If your home has wallpaper from the 1980s or 1990s, you probably wish you could use a magic paintbrush to make it vanish and return to those years!

The issue is that wallpaper removal cannot be done with a magic paintbrush. It can be incredibly annoying and time-consuming. Wallpaper that is curling up at the corners and seams will most likely come off the glue really readily. The residual glue residue must then be thoroughly scraped off and cleaned. To ensure a smooth wall texture thereafter, you might need to undertake some drywall repair or sanding.


There is an important step that is sometimes missed to guarantee a fantastic outcome after wallpaper removal. To completely remove any glue residue, you must prime the walls using an oil-based primer. If you don’t, the glue residue will react with the latex paint and cause a variety of issues.

Wallpaper can also be painted over to prevent being completely removed. This actually isn’t an option unless the wallpaper is in excellent condition. To smooth out the seams in this situation, drywall mud would be required.

Prior to painting, you would once again need to prime with an oil-based primer. For the greatest, longest-lasting results, you should usually remove wallpaper, but each project is unique.

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Removing Wallpaper

Where do you begin when it comes to wallpaper removal? Some people believe that painting over the wallpaper is the best solution, but this is never a wise choice.

The wall will not only appear dirty and soiled, but it will also have some texture lines and marks on it. If you have several layers of wallpaper over one another, it may be difficult to remove in the future. We advise using thick drop cloths to protect your home’s floors if you decide to attempt wallpaper removal on your own. The tiny pieces of wallpaper have the potential to adhere to the floor and cause damage if you attempt to take them off.                                                                              

Cost of Removing Wallpaper

We frequently assist clients who attempt DIY wallpaper removal only to end up with large holes in the wall and other problems. The price of removing wallpaper varies according to the size of the space and the difficulty of the task.

It may take more time to remove wallpaper without causing damage to the walls if it is affixed with powerful adhesive. To find out more about wallpaper removal in San Jose, give RR Pro Painting Inc. a call right now.


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