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Interior residential painting in San Jose, CA

Our mission extends beyond color on walls, it’s about crafting spaces that evoke joy and satisfaction. 

Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

This acrylic latex paint has a formula that helps stop stains from penetrating, stops water streaking, and covers dark colors, all while offering good washability and coverage. This all-in-one interior paint and primer prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface thanks to its anti-microbial agents*, leaving walls with a stunning sheen that speaks for itself.

SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex

Painting is made simpler using SuperPaint. This primer and paint mix for interiors dries fast, applies smoothly, and offers outstanding camouflage to aid with color changes. SuperPaint® coating produces a surface that is long-lasting and resistant to cleaning in addition to its smooth appearance.

Interior paint jobs

We have specialized interior painting team that are committed to offering the highest caliber of work and satisfaction to our clients. The work that our interior personnel do differs greatly from that of our exterior painting crews. It calls for a variety of instruments and methods in addition to product-type expertise.


standards for interior work

Our standards for interior work are even higher since we know how significant the interior of your home is, but we have very high standards for all the work we undertake. We take every safety measure to guarantee the highest caliber of work with the least amount of interference with your daily schedule. We would be pleased to assist you in loving the interior design of your house, whether it be through the addition of a pattern design or just a modern color scheme.

Interior color ideas can transform your project from ugly to magical

Choosing colors is the most fun aspect of any painting project! With the proper one, you can truly bring out the best in yourself. If you prefer something more muted, there are still lots of choices available. Having a general idea will help you, as the variety of hues available for paint might be a little intimidating.

Top interior paintwork

Get a clue about your project. Recognize your paint.


There is a wide variety of paints available; which one is best for your project? Certain paints work well in high-humidity or high-grease environments. Certain paints work well at preventing stains. Even thicker paints that work well for covering are available. The optimum paint type may be determined with the assistance of our skilled interior painters and design team at RR Pro Painting. 

Checkout our blog posts on the best interior paints for your home for a more thorough examination. We generally recommend Sherwin Williams paints (Emerald and SuperPaint) for all of our interior projects in San Jose, California.

5-Year workmanship Warranty

We provide a five-year warranty against workmanship flaws and mistakes on all painted jobs.

Licensed and insured

We’re fully insured & licensed painting contractors, locally owned and operated. 

Clear and Simple Pricing

There are no unstated fees; you just pay what we say. Our project manager will go over every price in detail during the estimate.

always on time

Being reliably on schedule, we give you a detailed timeline for finishing your painting project so that you may enjoy the smoothest possible painting experience.

grab your free estimate now!

Your free estimate is just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and give RR Pro Painting Inc. a call at 408-963-8031, or fill out the form to schedule your free estimate.


A trusted method with trusted outcomes

There’s a reason why, compared to other local painting companies, our skilled home painters at RR Pro Painting have more 5-star reviews on independent places like Facebook and Google.

We provide local businesses and home owners with the greatest paint supplies and warranties, along with the best experience and results. 

The procedure our painting crews use to guarantee the greatest outcomes:

  • You must choose paint colors after approving your quote. Selecting colors can be trickier than you might think. You can relax knowing that we have an interior designer on hand to assist, and for the majority of jobs, this service is free!
  • We cover the entire space, including the furniture. Our team of expert painters will take care of your house as if it were their own! We go a little overboard when it comes to setting up the space because we are aware that you don’t want any paint or dust on the furnishings or floors.
  • The preparation phase is over. Along with priming and wallpaper removal, this can also involve sealing nail holes and repairing small cracks.
  • New paint application.
  • Complete cleanup.

Proudly serving greater part of California

RR Pro Painting offers painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we specialize in baseboard and crown moulding installation, popcorn ceiling and wallpaper removal, garage floor epoxy application, and drywall repair. Our services extend to San Jose and its surrounding suburbs.

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