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Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy
Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy

Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy is intended for use in commercial and industrial settings. It offers superior color retention, chemical resistance, early moisture resistance, corrosion and abrasion resistance, and high adhesion to prepped surfaces, metal, and concrete.

Epoxy flooring Services

Epoxy flooring is a proud addition to RR Pro Painting’s portfolio of services for business customers and residential houses in San Jose, California. With the help of this service, we will be able to provide our clients with flooring options that are beautiful, long-lasting, and of excellent quality.

Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy

Epoxy floor sealing: what is it?

Epoxy floor sealing is a two-part resin coating that produces a surface that is tough, long-lasting, and resistant to chemicals.

Because of its resistance to harsh chemicals, impacts, and heavy traffic, it is frequently utilized in residential and commercial contexts. Epoxy flooring can be tailored to fit any style with an array of colors and finishes. They are an affordable, durable option for any flooring requirement.

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how does epoxy work?

Epoxy floor sealing requires two steps to be followed in order to be applied. First, the prepared surface is covered with a primer. After that, a topcoat made of a mixed two-part resin is applied. For a surface to be level and smooth, the resin must be applied swiftly and uniformly. For the primer to adhere well, the prepared surface must be dry, clean, and free of debris and prior coatings.

It’s time to combine and apply the topcoat after the primer has been applied. Thoroughly mixing the two resin components is crucial. The mixture should be administered right away after at least three minutes of mixing.

Moreover, the topcoat needs to be applied evenly, without gaps or overlapping. To distribute the mixture evenly and create a flat, smooth surface, a squeegee or roller is required.

drying time for epoxy

The floor must be allowed several days to dry and cure after the topcoat is applied before it is fit for usage. In order for the epoxy floor sealing to properly set and adhere to the prepared surface, this step is essential. The environment, including temperature and humidity, can have an impact on the drying time.

In conclusion, careful attention to detail and adequate surface preparation are necessary for the two-part epoxy floor sealing process. Giving the floor adequate time to cure and dry before using it is crucial, as is closely following the directions.

A firm, resilient, and chemical-resistant surface that can tolerate high traffic, impact, and harsh chemicals is what epoxy floor sealing offers as a long-lasting and reasonably priced option for any flooring demand.

Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy

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